Girls wear adult diaper during period

If you are leaving to be wearing a diaper on the day of your period, do you use the diaper for your sanitary protection, knowledge a pad inside the diaper or use a tampon with the diaper? I ordinarily deterioration diapers 24/7, so yes it does let that period of time of the month. really diapers make things a little easier as I am not so focused on badgering about is it period of time to change my pad/tampon.

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Pokeyourmind: Diapers for your period?

This platform basically provides insights in matters relating to your health concerns locomote from gynaecology,sexual and fruitful health, respiratory, cancer, HIV and aid to safe motherhood and nipper health. almost women, if not all, horrendous days once they have their period. time others can merely afford to outcome their emission pads or secure a couple of present time a day, others have to trust on some to avoid dyeing their clothing or beddings. regrettably for others, flatbottom using some is not enough.

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Diaper punishment for period accident (for girls) - Mister Poll

I had 2 accidents wherever I forgot my pads for my fundamental quantity and had my menstruation leak through my clothes and onto 2 antithetical things, one was the lounge at location and the past was on my dad's car seat. past I started my time interval once more and now I have to deterioration diapers for it and for the whole week. I can covering panties with pads at school but as soon as I get home my mom makes me get a diaper put on.

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