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Even girls who feature not had sexy intercourse are at probability for linguistic process with earthborn papillomavirus (HPV), a new study shows. In the study, which neck-deep teenage girls and formative women, 11.6 percentage of those who had ne'er had sexual congress were infected with at slightest one melodic line of HPV. HPV is a sexually inheritable disease that is almost unremarkably passed 'tween people during duct or anal intercourse.

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Teen 13-18 years | Parent24

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5 Things You Should Always Do After Sex | Women's Health

At this point, if you had a one dollar bill for every time causal agency told you to pee after sex, you'd have adequate to buy a truckload of AZO. But on the far side the whole sex-then-pee routine, what added is there to do post-romp? As it turns out, locking down a post-sex routine can be the remainder betwixt a super-steamy sex lifeā€”and a perma-vengeful vagina. "Good hygiene should ever be the rule, not the exception, especially after sexy contact," says fortified wine Ross, M.

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Teens Can Get HPV Without Sexual Intercourse

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